Travel in Lithuania

All are anxious to see unprecedented edges, discovering something new. But we often forget that our Lithuania is the country with fabulous corners. Not only rise above, but also on the ground are able to monitor its beauty. So little information about the most visited places in Lithuania exceptional.


Interwoven Trakai and Lithuania all history. And among the country karštovaizdžių Trakai and its surroundings for their imagery occupies a unique place. On the hills and hollows, hilly shady forests, including slacks rippling lake and the green marsh carpet remained a lot of archaeological, historical and architectural treasures, live felt Lithuanian antiquity. Trakai and its surroundings, 8.2 thousand hectares, was founded National Historical Park. National Park kernel-Trakai Island and Peninsula castles and Trakai Old Town complex, lying in a narrow peninsula between Galve Totoriskiu and Bernardine lakes. The city and the surrounding district as a state center began to take shape the 13th century. As stated by the Annals of Lithuanian Grand Duke Gediminas after a successful hunt found a beautiful location close to the then capital Kernavė and decided to build a castle here. It is a new throne Castle - Old Trakai, at the time was called Trakai. For the first time in the annals of German Trakai mention in 1337. This is considered as the official date of its foundation. When Grand Duke Gediminas finally settled in Vilnius, Trakai old went to his son the Duke Kęstutis. Here, in 1350. He was born the most famous rulers of Lithuania - Vytautas the Great.


Karaites this cake called "Kybyn kybynlar" Well, in Lithuania it became “kibinas”. Which have become very popular  for Flirt Lithuania should be thankful to the Grand Duke Vytautui.  it to Lithuania 600 years ago brought the Karaites, and these-tease. The surprising fact that Lithuania has never lived more than two, three thousand Karaites, and their kibinai peaceful conquest of the whole country. True, the first kibinai was not with meat, but only vegetables. It took a nourishing meat to feed the troops.